Health Group Insurance

Excess group treatment insurance
Insurance subject:
Reimbursement of hospital and surgical expenses and paraclinical expenses of the insured in excess of the amount paid by the Health Insurance Organization or the Social Security Organization, up to the limits stated in the contract.
The coverages that the insured can choose in this contract are:

1-   Reimbursement of hospitalization costs for surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, cardiac angiography, gamma ray, cost of spinal disc surgery and all types of crushers, hospitalization in daycare and limited surgery centers

2-   Reimbursement of the costs of natural childbirth and cesarean section

3-   Reimbursement of important (main) surgeries: including cancer, central nervous system and spinal cord (excluding spinal disc), Gama Knife, heart, lung transplant, liver transplant, kidney transplant and bone marrow transplant

4-   Reimbursement of paraclinical costs (1): including sonography, mammography, types of scans, types of endoscopy, MRI, echocardiography, stress echo, densitometry

5-   Reimbursement of paraclinical costs (2): including exercise test, allergy test, respiratory test, muscle and nerve tests, EEG, testing urodynamic, audiometry, optometry, heart holter monitoring, eye angiography.

6-   Compensation for permitted outpatient surgeries: including fractures and dislocations, casts, circumcision, sutures, cryotherapy, lipoma excision, biopsy, cyst evacuation and laser treatment (except for eye defects)

7-   The cost of correcting refractive errors of vision of the eye, if the visual impairment of each eye is at the discretion of the trusted physician of the insurer, the degree of myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism or the sum of the absolute value of the visual impairment of each eye (degree of myopia or hyperopia plus half astigmatism) is three diopter more.

*Explanation: This insurance policy is issued as a group for employees working in an organization and all their dependents.