Car insurance

Car insurance includes car body insurance, driver accident insurance and third-party insurance and generally compensates for damages caused by car accidents to the car as well as its passengers and third parties. Therefore, car insurance can be divided into the following three groups:

A)   Third party insurance

   Risks covered by third party insurance:
Compensation for financial and bodily damages to third parties up to the limit of the obligations stated in the insurance policy is the responsibility of the insurer.

   Incident definition:

Incidents include accidents, falls, overturns, explosions and fires.

   Financial loss:

Losses incurred upon third parties due to insured accidents.

   Bodily injury:

Any kind of Diya resulting from injury, fracture, disability or Diya of death of third parties as a result of covered accidents

Discount for non-damage to third party insurance
If no damage is paid from the insurance policy during the insurance period, the insurer will apply discounts in the insurance premium from the second year as described in the table below.


One year of non-damage


Two years of non-damage


Three years of non-damage


Four years of non-damage


Five years of non-damage


Six years of non-damage


Seven years of non-damage


Eight years of non-damage

Recommendation to third party insureds:

1.   Since the amount of Diya usually increases every year, it is suggested that you buy the amount of your liability more than current Diya (under the title of surplus).

2.   Novin Insurance is ready to pay the damages to third parties without a court order.

3.   If you also use your personal vehicle as a taxi, inform your insurer.

4.    To get acquainted with the benefits and advantages of Novin Insurance, please contact one of the branches or agencies of this company.

B)   Driver accident insurance
In this insurance, compensation due to disability or death of the driver responsible for the accident is covered. Insurance companies are required to provide driver accident insurance along with third party insurance to insureds.

C)   Motor Hull insurance
Body insurance compensates for damage to the insured car.

Damages covered:

1.   Damage caused by the collision of a vehicle with a fixed or moving object or the collision of other objects with it or overturning, falling or if it collides with insured components or cargo while in motion.

2.   Damage to the car due to fire, explosion or lightning.

3.   In case the subject of insurance is stolen or the vehicle is damaged as a result of theft or commencement of theft.

Additional risks:
The insurer can add all or some of the following risks to its original insurance policy by paying an additional premium:

1.   Theft of car parts and accessories

2.   The cost of commuting in the repair period

3.   Breaking the glass alone

4.   The effect of chemicals, dyes and acids

5.   Dangers of natural disasters (floods, earthquakes, etc.)

6.   Elimination of Article 10 of the Insurance Law (price fluctuation up to 25% in minor damages)

7.   Drop in car price due to accident

8.   Increase of the price of cars

Discount for non-damage to the body insurance policy
If the insurer does not receive any damages from the policy during the one-year validity period of the insurance policy, when the insurance policy is renewed, the non-damages discount for the following years will be provided to him in the following order.


One year of non-damage


Two years of non-damage


Three years of non-damage


Four years of non-damage


Five years or more of non-damage

Advice to insured parties of body insurance

1.   Inform the insurance company of any change of use.

2.   In case of installing additional accessories, inform the insurer.

3.   To benefit more from the benefits of body insurance by paying a small insurance premium, add additional risks to the main risks of the insurance policy.

4.   For more information and answering possible questions, please contact one of the branches or Novin Insurance agencies.