Liability insurance

Various types of liability insurances play a major role in the establishment of social order, professional provision and jobs and activities, compensation of financial and personal losses incurred upon third parties and most importantly in the peaceful settlement of disputes of individuals without recourse and litigation in the courts. Liability insurance is one of the main fields of insurance and is placed alongside the property and personal insurances. Accordingly, the subject of this type of insurance policy is compensation for losses to third parties in both financial damages and bodily compensation resulting from the unintentional action or failure of action of the insured.

Employer's liability insurance against employees:

This insurance covers bodily injuries (compensation of medical expenses, death and disability penalty) happened to employees due to the  liability of employers, with different types of:

·   Employer's liability insurance against construction workers

·   Employer liability insurance against employees of construction projects

·   liability insurance against employees of production services and business units;

General Liability Insurance:

This insurance covers bodily and financial damages that are incurred to third parties in the performance of the insured's activities and are due to the insured's  liability; such as:

·   liability insurance resulting from construction operations

·   liability insurance for fire, explosion and burst of water pipes

·   Municipal liability insurance for citizens

·   Commercial General Liability Insurance (CGL)

·   liability insurance resulting from the installation and maintenance of advertising billboards

·   liability insurance for  project contractors against third parties

·   liability insurance for public and private parking managers

·   Insurance policy of the manager / board of directors’ liability of residential or office complexes towards residents, clients and third parties

·   liability insurance resulting from the installation and maintenance of elevators before users

·   And ....

Professional liability insurance:
This insurance covers the liability of natural and legal persons resulting from their professional activity towards the clients, such as:

·   Professional liability insurance for doctors, paramedics and nurses

·   liability insurance for managers and technical managers of clinics and hospitals

·   Professional liability insurance for design engineers, supervisors, accountants

·   Professional liability insurance of notaries

·   Professional liability insurance for attorneys before clients

Contractual Liability Insurance:
Normally, both parties to a contract try to fulfill their obligations in the best possible way, but sometimes unforeseen events cause a financial loss to one party to the contract. This insurance covers financial losses arising from the insurer's contractual liability to the other party to the contract. This type of insurance is available for all types of domestic and international transportation contracts against the recipient of the goods, including the following contracts:

·   liability insurance of road transport companies (domestic)

·   liability insurance of international road transport companies in accordance with the terms of the CMR Convention

·   liability insurance of international transport companies based on the terms of the FIATA bill of lading

·   liability insurance of international freight transport companies by air (domestic and foreign)

·   Tenant liability insurance against the landlord

·   Contractors' liability insurance against employers in accordance with the provisions of the contract

liability insurance for manufacturers and sellers of goods and services + quality assurance of goods and services
This insurance covers financial or physical damages resulting from the defect of goods produced and sold (with a standard) to the consumer and third parties as subject to the insurer's  liability.
This type of insurance is offered in two parts (warranty service) and insurance (product liability) and its types:

·   Liability insurance for waterproofing manufacturers

·   Liability insurance for overhead crane manufacturers

·   Liability insurance for manufacturers of water pipes and irrigation networks and (PVC).....

·   Liability insurance for manufacturers of parts used in cars such as cylinders, clutch plates, etc.

·   Liability insurance for manufacturers of fire extinguishers

·   Liability insurance for manufacturers of physiotherapy devices

Special plans:
These insurances are issued in cases where the subject matter is new in nature. Insurance coverage can be provided in special financial and life plans of third parties.
These include the following:

·   Insurance guarantee for international transport companies for domestic transit of goods before customs

·   Insurance guarantee for international transport companies for foreign transit of goods before customs

·   Insurance to guarantee the temporary entry and exit of the car before customs

·   Horse-racing insurance

·   Greenhouse insurance