Fire Insurances

Fire insurance is provided to ensure your safety against the risk of fire and to protect your capital from damage caused by the risks covered by the insurance policy.

Types of fire insurances

1.Residential houses fire insurance

2.Fire insurance of production units and industrial centers

3.Fire insurance of warehouses and non-industrial centers (such as commercial, office places, doctors' offices, etc.)

Risks covered:

A.      Main hazards: including fire, lightning and explosion

B.      Additional or consequential risks that the insurer can choose optionally, the most common of which are:

Earthquakes and volcanoes, floods and overflows, storms and hurricanes, theft through trespassing the wall, damaging the place or threatening lives, burst of water pipes, rain and snowmelt damages, plane and helicopter crashes, breakage of glass, bursting of industrial pressure vessels, waste cleaning costs, Landslides, riots, etc.

Insurance period:

The term of the insurance policy is usually one year, but it is possible for the insurance policy to be issued for a period of less or more than one year.

Special services:

The following plans have been developed and put up for sale with the aim of making it easy to sell and enabling different sections of society to benefit from fire insurance coverage with the possibility of paying a small premium:

A.     Comprehensive plan for home and family (comprehensive plan for household)

·   Covering the value of the insured building (standing), installations and furniture against the risks of fire, lightning, explosion

·   Payment of temporary accommodation for the insured family in case of realization of at least one of the insured risks and impossibility of living at home up to the limit stipulated in the insurance policy

·   Compensation for death and disability of the insured member, his wife and children due to the realization of the covered risks up to the limit stipulated in the insurance policy

·   Compensation for medical expenses incurred upon the insured, his / her spouse and children in the insured place due to the realization of the covered risks up to the limit stipulated in the insurance policy

B) Plan for the insured of industrial centers

·   Utilizing the high power of experienced risk assessment experts, at the same time with the issuance of fire insurance and with the aim of identifying the risks in the insured area, along with providing preventive solutions.

First steps to take in the event of a fire:

·   Do not use the elevator.

·   Evacuate the place.

·   Contact the fire department (No. 125).

·   Disconnect the power supply from the main fuse and the gas from the main valve.

·   Notify the insurance company of any damage.

Initial actions at the time of the accident by the insured

·   Take the necessary measures to prevent the development of damage at the time of the accident or after it occurs (if possible, in coordination with the Novin insurance company)

·   make no change in the insured property without the permission of Novin Insurance Company or any relocation of damaged or healthy property so that the damage can be assessed and the cause of the accident can be determined by the experts. Obviously, any movement of undamaged property to save or reduce damage while considering the public interest, as approved by the company's experts, will be permissible.

·   Avoid compromising with the culprits of the accident or declaring consent to them without the knowledge and approval of Novin Insurance Company.

Necessary measures after the accident

·   Informing the relevant insurance policy issuing unit and one of the branches, the complexes of Novin Insurance Company about the occurrence of damage immediately after being informed of the accident, within 5 days in person, by phone or by fax, etc.

·   Announcing your insurance number, name and contact number to the relevant unit to coordinate the visit and expertise of the site.

·   Announcing the damaged positions of movable and immovable property (including buildings, facilities, furniture and inventory) separately to the relevant unit, as well as the approximate amount of damage and value of the property immediately before the accident.

Necessary actions after the visit

·   Obtaining a letter from the survey expert to present to the police and the fire department or other relevant organizations.

·   Receiving the report of the law enforcement officials at the scene of the accident and sending it to the case handling unit to complete the case in the next steps.

·   Receiving the report of the fire department and other relevant organizations (introduced by the experts of Novin Insurance Company) from the scene of the accident and sending it to the case handling unit to complete the case in the next steps.

·   It should be noted that in case of need for additional documents, the expert handling the case will inform you.

·   The amount of obligations of Novin Insurance Company is included in your insurance policy.